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How it got started

Deepika Tanna was always passionate about Cooking, Baking, and making Chocolates and rediscovered the same when the world of every people had resulted in staying Indoor amid lockdown 2020. In between that dull period, there came a ray of light when she got the first order of cake baking from her society and indulged her from the comfort of her home. As the orders started pouring in, Deepika Tanna and her sister-in-law Dhara Tanna and Zinal Tanna began running a small home business as a baker. But they struggled a lot regarding the availability of few essential bakery ingredients like cake decorating and other products which were not even available anywhere. Looking at this struggle, Dhara Tanna and Zinal Tanna both came with the unique business idea to start an online store for all kinds of bakery products for all home bakers. So that’s how Baker’s Ki Duniya took birth as a one-stop-shop to make Bakery ingredients, cake decorations, chocolate decorations, bakery equipment, bakery tools, and food packaging readily available for all home bakers.Bakers Ki Duniya is a joint venture of the three passionate ladies:
– Zinal Tanna, who looks after all the B2B and B2C operations
-Dhara Tanna, who takes care of Marketing and Sales
– Deepika Tanna, who takes care of Finance and Logistics

Our Happy Customers

Revslider Organey
“Also Like the fact that I can pick my staples in the brown paper packs and glass containers at the zero waste section, with an idea to reduce plastic and also more convenient.”
Smitha Anabella
Cunningham Store
Revslider Organey
“Very happy to receive my order. Its so perfect, packing was very good and delivery is so quick also I'm very thankful to staff members. I will buy more from the store.”
Rahab Munir
The Body Shop


Started with an initial investment of 50000 INR and 25 products, Baker’s Ki Duniya had clocked revenue of 1 crore within a year since its inception with more than 1500 range of products. Baker’s ki Duniya aspires to become Flipkart and Amazon of bakery raw materials where customers can purchase any raw materials, accessories, tools, and packaging material on a retail and wholesale basis related to Cake and Chocolate, and very soon, they are gearing up to invite franchises all across India with a commitment of timely delivery and negligible shipping cost.The journey behind Baker’s Ki Duniya is no less than awe-inspiring for every home baker. Needless to say, if you are passionate about something, then ain’t no mountains high enough; Baker’s Ki Duniya is the live example making their mark on becoming a big brand name in the baking Industry.
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Happy Customers


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