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Introducing our Bride to Be Foil Paper Banner, a must-have for any bridal celebration! This set includes nine shimmering foil paper cards, each featuring a single letter to spell out the special phrase “Bride to Be.” Don’t worry, the cards and a sturdy string come separately, but it’s super easy to bind them together with the included ribbon.

We care about our planet, so rest assured, these banners are made from environmentally friendly materials, completely safe and non-toxic. Plus, they’re built to last, ensuring you can reuse them for future celebrations. Hang them up on the ceiling, drape them on the table, decorate your balcony, or even adorn tree branches for that magical touch. Perfect for weddings, engagements, or pre-wedding photoshoot celebrations. Let’s make your special day shine with our Bride to Be Foil Paper Banner!


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